Marine Engines

Marine engine categories

Marine engines can be divided into several categories and depending on which applies to your application, different set of legislation can be valid. Some examples are;

  • Commercial versus recreational/leisure application
  • Propulsion versus auxiliary engine
  • Spark ignited versus compression ignited

We have experience of working with the following legislation

  • EU Inland Waterway Stage V (Regulation (EU) 2016/1628)
  • EU Inland Waterway Stage IV (Directive 97/68/EC)
  • EU RCD (Directive 2013/53/EU)
  • US Tier 3 & 4 (PART 1042 & 1043)
  • China Stage I-II (GB 15097—2016)
  • IMO MARPOL Tier II & III (ANNEX VI Regulation 13 and NTC 2008)
  • Lake Constance Shipping Ordinance (BSO-II).

Need assistance with Marine Engine Legislation?

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