Non-road engines

Non-road engine legislation

As reveled by the name non-road engines include engines that are not intended to be used for propulsion of a vehicle on an ordinary road but can also be summarized as engines and applications that are not covered by any its own separate legislation (such as light-duty, heavy-duty, motorcycles etc.). This definition can therefore include such varying applications as propulsion engines used for agriculture purposes, stationary generating sets, mining engines or locomotive engines.

Some important definitions to keep track on to know what applies to your engine:

  • Propulsion versus auxiliary
  • Generating set versus non-generating set
  • Stationary versus mobile
  • Variable speed or constant speed

We have experience of working with the following legislation;

  • EU NRE Stage V (Regulation (EU) 2016/1628)
  • EU NRG Stage V (Regulation (EU) 2016/1628) – generating sets > 560 kW
  • EU Stage IV (Directive 97/68/EC)
  • US Tier 3 & 4 (PART 1039)
  • US Stationary Engines (PART 60, Subpart IIII)
  • US MSHA – Mining
  • California Air Resource Board Tier 3 & 4
  • Canada CANMET – Mining
  • China Stage I-IV (GB 20891—2014)
  • Brazil (Proconove MAR-I)

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